Mr. T - Instructor Tony Antoun

Instructor Tony is an avid athlete, diver, swimmer and a great buddy! 

Instructor Tony grew up in a city by the coastline, with the fisherman, fishing and swimming days and nights.

The ocean was always a big mystery to him, and he would spend hours watching the waves, wondering what was down there…

The first magic moment was when he inhaled his first breath under water. Since then he knew his life would never be the same.

Scuba became not only a hobby, but a way of life, and with the years passing, Instructor Tony wanted to share this passion with others, and eventually became a Padi Pro.

  I enjoy teaching each Padi course, from the Junior Open water, who are discovering new thrills in life, to the Advance where it’s full of adventure dives & Specialty courses, up to the Rescue and Dive Master course. Each one has its own unique joy and fun.

Diving gives me the opportunity to explore the underwater world, it’s as if you have taken a journey to another planet.