We are a young enthusiastic team who all share one  thing in common:


It's not a job, It's our way of life, our passion! Best of all, we like to share it with others, so they too can have the chance to discover the mysteries of the underwater world and build memories that will never be forgotten.



Padi License number:  309928

Most Qualifying Instructor in The Middle East in 2016

IDC Staff Instructor

500+ Certificates issued

Emergency First Respond Instructor Trainer (EFRIT)

TEC Diver

Swimming Instructor

Fitness Trainer (Personal & Groups)


Dive Master

Padi License number:  384128

I had always been an aquaphobic until I discovered the underwater world in 2013 with my best friend and most motivating dive instructor Tony Antoun.
Ever since, my love for diving was born and blossomed.
This adventure was reinforced by the successful events I took part in and all the dives I logged.
Today, I am proud of being a DiveMaster and striving for higher achievements with the Best Blackmarlin.divers
My Worst Fear Became My Passion!


Rescue Diver

Padi License number:  1606UZ1995

It was by chance when I met my childhood friend Coach T. in Jeddah and who introduced me to the Blackmarlin Divers team. Since then, everything turned adrenalized. Diving is inherently an equipment intensive sport. As a Blackmarlin member, I became a different breed from recreational divers, it’s the hard train and professionalism that count. Thank you Tony, brothers forever.


Rescue Diver

Dont ask me why I dive ,

ask yourself why you dont!
Scuba diving is one of my favorite sports 
The deeper I go the better it feels.
When I dive with my buddies in Black Marlin Divers  I feel happy and relaxed.
We are one team and one family


Master Scuba Diver

From OWD to AOWD to Rescue to EFR to MSD, and finally to DM. The Black Marlin Divers was always there for me. This group doesn't just teach basics, it gives confidence, trust, and it grows a seed inside you which will grow and grow till you become addicted to Vitamin SEA. I would like to thank the BMD family for the great years that I spent with them and I encourage everyone to at least try a discovery dive with coach Tony & his team.


Master Scuba Diver

My experience with the Black Marlin Divers is the one that changes my perspective on everything that I do in my life. The kindness, care, and commitment that they show to everyone that comes to them is remarkable. I have been with the Black Marlin for almost 4 years now, and I have become a committed member of their team. Coach tony has become a father to me, and he treats as if I am his own son, but it isn't just me that feels this way, it is all that have dives with them before. They urge people to try and enjoy the great experience of diving, and many do take up this offer. At the end of it, they feel as if they have accomplished something great, and personally know that they were safe and cared for the entire way. The Black Marlin Divers are a benefit to the diving world, and I recommend no better group than Coach Tony and his outstanding team to those who would one day try diving.