With the rise of digital photography capabilities, there are now numerous options for capturing images underwater. From simple point-and-shoot cameras that take both photographs and video to more high-end equipment that shoots high-definition images, you’re sure to find a system that meets your needs.  

Start by taking the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer course, which helps you determine which system best suits your needs and interests. Along with enlisting the help of the photo pro at your local PADI Dive Shop or Resort, here are a few suggestions:

- Ask yourself why you want to take underwater images, and of what?

- If you already have a camera you enjoy using, check if an underwater housing exists for it. If not, shop for your camera, housing, lenses and strobes or other accessories together.

- Consider all the features starting with size. Then consider how much control you want, not just now, but as your passion for underwater imaging grows.

- Make sure your personal computer and software will work with your camera system and matches your interest in editing photos.